What Are RFID Tire Tags?

Today’s tire traceability mark, commonly used in the form of “bar code + sidewall information” to store all kinds of information about the tire. The bar code and other information are located on the surface of the tire body, once these ordinary labels are contaminated or the handwriting is worn, it means that the tire information is lost. This will cause difficulties for consumers in the use, maintenance and claims, resulting in disputes and even threats to the safety of users.

RFID technology

RFID technology is Radio Frequency Identification, a non-contact, no-visibility information transfer technology. RFID technology automatically identifies target objects and obtains identification data through radio frequency signals, without human intervention.

As the emerging technology in IOT, RFID has the advantages of fast scanning speed, penetrating scanning, strong anti-pollution ability, durability, large data storage capacity, small size and so on.

At present, RFID technology has been widely used in logistics, asset management, intelligent transportation, animal management and other more industry.

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Application of RFID technology for tires

As a tire identification data carrier, RFID tags give a unique identification of their the whole life cycle. RFID system can achieve the tire production information, sales information, use information and other tire data to effectively record and trace.

The introduction of RFID technology will fundamentally solve the problem of confusion in the management of tires, which cannot be tracked. It will create a new management model for the production and use of tires.

The combination of RFID technology and tire manufacturing technology can not only solve the current tire production process identification, traceability and other problems encountered in the process, but also can be combined with the corresponding management software, that is, the entire life cycle of the tire data records and traceability. 

XGSun has a complete product design team and an experienced production team. Our RFID tire tag products are widely used by tire manufacturers in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. We will design RFID tire tags with long read range and strong adhesion according to your tagging environment.

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Post time: Sep-21-2022