RFID Windshield Tags With Custom Printing Of H9 / H3/ U8 / M730

Short Description:

Product: RFID Windshield Tags
RFID Chip: H9 / H3/ U8 / M730
Label Size: 96*76mm, 92*26mm, Customizable size

Product Detail

Product Tags


Product: RFID Windshield Tags
RFID Chip: H9 / H3/ U8 / M730
Label Size: 96*76mm, 92*26mm, Customizable size
Antenna Size: 94*24mm, 19*93mm, 70*14mm
Application: RFID windshield tag, RFID headlight tag, RFID license plate tag
Protocol: ISO/IEC 18000-6C, EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2
Operating Frequency: 860~960MHz
Range of Application Vehicle Management, Highway Management, Garage Management, Vehicle Insurance Management

Product Details

Product Type: RFID Windshield Tags
Accepted By Walmart: YES
Chip Material: Silicon Wafer
Face Material: polypropylene/ PET / PP synthetic paper (Other Custom Materials)
Release Liner: Glassine Paper
UHF Antenna: AL+PET
Printing Requirements: Color printing, Black and white printing, Variable data printing, Fixed data printing
Above Tolerance: ± 1.00 mm

Packing Details

Packing specification: Esd bag vacuum packing (Or Custom Packing specification)
Quantity For Per Roll: 2000 pcs/Roll
carton size: 445*445*345mm
Unwinding Direction: Label face out
Core Inner Diameter: 3 inches
Reel Outer diameter: ≤ 203mm

Standard Packaging Example:


Storage Environment Requirements

Operating Temperature/Humidity: -0~60℃ / 20%~80% RH
Storage Temperature/Humidity: 20~30℃ / 20%~60% RH
Shelf Life: 1 year in anti-static bag at 20~30℃ / 20% ~60% RH
ESD Voltage Immunity: 2 kV (HBM)
Bending Diameter: > 50mm
Other application environment requirements: Dear Customer, we can design different products and solutions for you according to the different application environment of tags. Please inform our technical team of the environment, age and read range requirements for RFID windshield labels. Our product design team will complete the customization of the product within 3 working days

Product Application Guide

RFID windshield tags are widely used in vehicle management, high-speed management and vehicle payment management in countries around the world. RFID windshield tags are more convenient, less costly and more efficient than traditional ETC payment. RFID windshield tags need to have the following characteristics: long read range, sunlight resistance, corrosion resistance, strong adhesion and anti-transfer properties.
XGSun's product design team has 13 years of experience in windshield label design. Our engineers have been involved in highway vehicle management retrofit projects in many countries in Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia, and we have unique insights and design solutions for windshield labels. We also have the world's most advanced RFID printers to provide custom data printing services and EPC encoding services for your RFID windshield labels to meet your requirements for data initialization.

RFID Label Application


Custom Service

Custom Chip: H9 / H3/ U8 / M730
Custom Size 96*76mm, 92*26mm, Customizable size

Technical & process support

Product Support

ꔷ RFID Flexible Adhesive Label
ꔷ Anti-metal Tag
ꔷ RFID Woven Label
ꔷ RFID Hangtag
ꔷ RFID PVC card
ꔷ NFC Tags

Production Process

ꔷ Cutting & Transfer
ꔷ Die cutting
ꔷ Off-pitch Label
ꔷ Coating Interval
ꔷ Fragile Antenna

Data Initialization Service

ꔷ Variable Printing
ꔷ Variable Code Writting
ꔷ UV Printing
ꔷ Thermal Transfer Printing
ꔷ Thermal Paper Printing

Customized Materials

ꔷ Art Paper
ꔷ Thermal paper
ꔷ Water glue
ꔷ Oil glue
ꔷ Hot melt adhesive

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