Asset Management

Background & Application

When managing a large number of assets, including machinery, transport, and office equipment, traditional manual accounting methods for asset management require a lot of time and energy.The application of RFID technology can efficiently inventory and record the status of fixed assets, and it enable to learn in real time when they are lost or moved. It greatly strengthens the company's fixed asset management level improves the safety of fixed assets, and avoids repeatedly purchasing machines with the same function. Also it improves the utilization rate of idle fixed assets, which is of great help to improve production capacity and efficiency and then improve the economic benefits of enterprises.

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Applications in Asset Management

With RFID technology, RFID electronic tags are used for each fixed asset. These tags have unique codes providing unique identification for the assets and they can keep detailed information about fixed assets including the name, description, identity of managers and users’ information. Handheld and fixed RFID reading & writing terminal device are used for achieving efficient management and inventory. These devices are connected to the RFID asset management system in background, which can obtain, update and manage asset information in real time.

In this way, we can complete the day-to-day management and inventory of the assets, the asset life cycle and use of the whole process of tracking. This not only improves the use efficiency of assets, but also promotes the information management and standardized management of assets, providing accurate data support for decision makers.

Advantages of RFID in Asset Management

1.The relevant managers have a more accurate grasp of the flow of assets, the fixed assets are more intuitive, asset management processes are easier, and improve the efficiency of management.

2.When searching for relevant fixed assets, the location of the assets can be accurately identified. When fixed assets are out of the readable range of the RFID reader, the back-end platform can send reminder messages, which greatly improves security and significantly and reduce the risk of asset loss or theft.

3.There is stronger protection for highly confidential assets, with designated personnel having their identity confirmed in order to prevent unauthorized actions.

4.It reduces the labor costs required for asset management and improves the efficiency of asset inventory, tracking and positioning.

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Analysis of Product Selection

When selecting a RFID label, it needs to consider the permittivity of object attached as well as the impedance between the RFID chip and the antenna. Passive UHF self-adhesive labels are generally used for asset management. While for some fixed assets, flexible anti-metal labels are used because the objects to be attached may be electronic devices or metal.

1.The face material uses PET commonly, glue uses oil glue or 3M-467 can meet the needs (Using Flexible Anti-Metal tags if it is directly attached to the metal, and PET+ oil glue or 3M glue for a plastic shell.)

2.The required size of the label is mainly determined according to the size required by the user. The general equipment is relatively large and the reading distance is required to be far away. The antenna size with larger gain is 70×14mm and 95×10mm can meet the requirements.

3.Larger memory is required. A chip with an EPC memory between 96 bits and 128 bits, such as NXP U8, U9, Impinj M730, M750, Alien H9, etc is usable.

XGSun Related Products

Advantages of RFID asset management tags provided by XGSun: They comply with ISO18000-6C protocol, and the tag data rate can reach 40kbps to 640kbps. Based on RFID anti-collision technology, theoretically, the number of tags that can be read at the same time can reach about 1000. They have fast read and write speed, high data security, and a long reading distance of up to 10 meters in the working frequency range (860 MHz -960MHz). They have large data storage capacity, easy to read and write, strong environmental adaptability, low cost, high cost performance, long service life, and wide application range. It also supports customization of various styles.