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Why is XGSun?

●XGSun is a RFID electronic tag factory that meets ISO9001 quality standards & has a complete product customization team, quality control team and after-sales service team.

●All of our products are inspected and approved by the highest standards of voyantic Tagsurance equipment.

How to customize a RFID labels?

●Please contact Your dedicated sales staff and our product team will design a unique product for your application scenario within two business days.

How to choose RFID chip?

●There are NFC chip, HF chip & UHF chip always been used in RFID industry.

●Commonly used UHF chips for 128 bits EPC are: NXP U8, Impinj M730, etc.

●Commonly used 96 bits EPC UHF chips are: NXP U9, Impinj M750, etc.

●Please let us know your requirements for RFID chip EPC memory and user memory, and we will recommend the suitable product for you.

How to choose face material of RFID label?

●Art paper is a versatile label face material with a smooth and easy-to-print surface.

●Thermal paper printing does not require ribbon, which can effectively reduce your printing cost. Thermal paper is often used for manufacturing logistics labels.

●PET is a waterproof and corrosion-resistant plastic surface material, and labels made with PET surface material can be repeated used for a long time.

●PP synthetic paper has good ductility and anti-aging properties. PP synthetic paper labels can be used in harsh natural environments

How I get a free sample?

●Please contact our sales staff for free samples.

How can I complete the payment?

●T/T,LC,Western Union, Paypal are available for us.

Which logistics companies can be chosen?

●UPS/TNT/FedEx/DHL etc.