Technology & Innovation

Technology & Innovation

RFID Creates Unlimited Worlds

At XGSun, we believe that innovation is the driving force behind growth and success. And we continue to make efforts in product innovation, technological innovation, process innovation and service innovation. 

The company focuses on the establishment of product innovation/ technological innovation/process innovation as the core of RFID electronic label production service system. After years of accumulation, XGSun has formed a technical team with 30 backbone engineers. People have optimized the RFID electronic tag innovation service from multiple perspectives, such as scene application consultation, product design, production process, quality inspection and data initialization. 

XGSun has repeatedly passed the following international certifications:

     √ lISO three system (ISO9001\ISO14001\ISO15001) certification

     √ lFSC COC certification

      lsafety and environmental protection certification. 

XGSun strives to pursue the heights in order to provide you with better services.


Every product engineer will be a good designer. In XGSun's offices and Labs, they have free rein to turn every ideas into products on the assembly line. Young talents from automation, polymer organic compounds and engineering mechanics gather here to customize RFID products of different sizes and processes according to the different application scenarios and customer needs of each tag. As an RFID engineer with 15 years of design experience, Ren said, "I know the memory of every chip and the sensitivity of every RFID Inlay. As the creator of a new product, we hope that all products can play the due value in their life cycle.”