Environmental Action:

In 2020, XGSun partnered with Avery Dennison to introduce biodegradable RFID Inlay and Labels based on non-chemical etching process, effectively reducing the environmental burden of industrial waste.

  • Reduce the use of plastic packaging
  • We will promote low-energy production
  • Introduce biodegradable materials

Guangxi, where XGSun is located, is  important source of sugar in China. More than 50% of farmers relying on sugarcane farming as their main source of income & 80% of China's sugar production coming from Guangxi. In order to solve the problem of commodity management chaos in transportation sugar industry chain, XGSun and the local government jointly launched the sugar industry informational reform plan. It use the RFID technology to supervise the whole process of sugar production, delivery, transportation & sales, effectively reducing the loss of sugar during transportation and ensuring the safety of the whole sugar industry chain.

Employee Social Responsibility:

XGSun is committed to creating a superior working environment and persistent professional ability improvement plan for all employees. Our employees and their children are enjoying the additional housing insurance and medical assistance fund. The company regularly hold training on emergency procedures for fire, earthquake and industrial injury, in order to provide enterprise guarantee for the occupational health of our employees.


Responsible Sourcing:

XGSun has a strict assessment system for our suppliers. Suppliers who passing RoHS and EU REACH will become our priority cooperative partner. We promise to maintain ethical procurement . We will keep a clean trading with our suppliers & maintain the openness and transparency of the trading rules in the RFID industry.

  • Evaluation of qualified suppliers
  • Environmental impact assessment of suppliers
  • Reduce procurement waste