Integrated Services Are Faster And More Economical!

Professional printing services
We have advanced printing equipment and technology that can print traditional barcodes, and also support the printing of QR codes, numbers, and text. These functions make labels richer in information and facilitate the tracking and identification of data.
Choosing fixed or variable data according to your needs, coated paper, PET, thermal paper and other materials can be printed.
Our label printers have efficient and stable performance, and can quickly complete a large number of printing tasks. 

Programming encoding services
Our technical team can perform EPC encoding for the tags you require, and can also perform data encryption according to your needs.
We have different equipment, printing and encoding can be performed separately or in combination. The database automatically performs a thorough check of the printing and encoding to ensure the accuracy of the information.
We also have a lot of experience in printing and encoding the contents of Walmart labels.