How Does RFID Realize Intelligent Transportation?

After the popularization of RFID vehicle management systemsManagement of the vehicle has become the governments have to encounter a problem. How to carries on the effective management of vehicles? The the core problem of vehicle identification is how to apply RFID technology to the vehicle management, which can effectively realize the recognition of vehicle quickly and reliably. After the popularization of RFID vehicle management systemsthe, the vehicles through the road can be more efficient, intelligent.

A complete set of transportation vehicles system with RFID identification technology can not only make vehicle management informatization, the most important thing is that it must be able to eliminate the phenomenon of vehicle information identification error on the basis of radio frequency identification technology, infrared counterpoint technology, video surveillance technology.


RFID is Radio Frequency Identification technology. RFID technology is a high technology with the fastest development in the 21st century. With the combination with traditional network, RFID technology shows great potential for market application. It is called the “Internet of Things” and the “second Internet”. Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is a kind of automatic identification technology that began to rise in the 1990s. RFID technology uses radio frequency to carry out non-contact bidirectional data transmission between the reader and the RFID tag, so as to achieve the purpose of target identification and data exchange. Compared with the traditional strip code, magnetic card and IC card, the RFID label has the characteristics of non-contact, fast reading speed, no wear, no environmental impact, long life, easy to use and anti-collision function. And one reader can process multiple electronic labels at the same time, improving work efficiency.

RFID intelligent vehicle parking management system, for example, the vehicle’s windscreen will paste a windshield RFID tags with car’s information (can be stored include vehicle type, license plate number, the owner of the relevant data and other information). It will realize the vehicle quickly parking pass in and out, intelligent parking lot and intelligent vehicle anti-theft and other targets. The intelligent parking management system using RFID technology not only improves work efficiency, saves manpower and material resources, reduces operating costs, prevents employees from favoritism and malpractices, but also makes the whole management system more secure and reliable.

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Post time: Aug-08-2022