XGSun 13.56MHz RFID Label for 50*30mm size

Short Description:

Characteristics of library management using high-frequency library tags:

1. Simplify the borrowing process.

2. Accurate inventory of the entire rack.

3. The speed of querying books and identifying book materials is increased.

4. High level of anti-theft and not easy to be damaged.

  • Applications:: Events Management,Anti-counterfeiting,General purpose
  • Key Benefits:: Short distance reading, Traceability
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags


    Product Model: L0500301201H
    Label Size: 55mm*30mm
    Antenna Size: 37mm*22mm
    Face Material: Art-Paper, PET, PP synthetic paper & Other Customize Face Material
    Protocol: ISO/IEC 15693, ISO/IEC 18000-3 Mode 1
    Applications: Events Management,Anti-counterfeiting,General purpose
    Key Benefits: Short distance reading, Traceability
    L050030L1U双面胶 (1)-8
    L050030L1U双面胶 (2)-9

    Customized services Details

    Customizable Label Size: Yes
    Printing: Thermal transfer printing,Silk Screen Printing,and other custom printing.
    Data initialization: Encoding

    Storage Environment Requirements

    Operating Temperature/Humidity: -0~60℃ / 20%~80% RH
    Storage Temperature/Humidity: 20~30℃ / 20%~60% RH
    Shelf Life: 1 year in anti-static bag at 20~30℃ / 20% ~60% RH
    ESD Voltage Immunity: 2 kV (HBM)
    Bending Diameter: > 50mm
    Other application environment requirements: Your environmental requirements for RFID labels will affect our selection and design of labels. For example, if you are going to apply RFID labels to special environments: high temperature & low temperature environment; high acid & high alkaline environment, please inform our product design team that we will customize unique RFID products for you within 3 working days.

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