Capacity and Equipment Display

Capacity and Equipment Display


RFID Bonding Equipment

We have 4 sets of the most advanced RFID flip chip bonding equipment from Germany Muehlbauer company.


RFID Hangtag Quality inspection equipment

The automatic equipment can complete the inspection of 5,000 hangtags per hour.


RFID High Speed Composite Equipment

Our composite equipment is equipped with the most advanced RFID on-line monitoring equipment, Voyantic.


RFID Label High Speed Quality Inspection Equipment

The label inspection equipment can simultaneously complete the reading, writing & calibration of roll RFID labels.


X-rite Colorimeter

The world's leading colorimeter from X-rite Company can achieve color calibration in 0.5 seconds.


Bar-code Quality Detector

Bar-code Quality Detector is a professional detection instrument invented for Bar code printing quality control.