Universal RFID Chip Introduction:Qstar-7U

Shanghai Quanray Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. introduced a new RFID chip to the market in September 2022. The Qstar-7U chip is extremely cost effective, with high read/write sensitivity, which can be connected or embedded into almost any product .It could realize the fast inventory counting, self-checking verification, anti-counterfeit traceability, etc. functions.
The chip has 144 bits of EPC memory and 128 bits of user memory, while other chips of the same type have a maximum of 32 bits of user memory. Suitable for use in the apparel sector, supply chain management and e-commerce logistics.
Function overview
• Read sensitivity up to -24dBm
• Write sensitivity up to -21dBm
• Storage temperature range: -55℃ ~ +125℃
• Operating temperature (Toper): -40℃ to +85℃
• EPC global Gen 2V2 and ISO 18000-6C
• EPC Bank: 144 bits
• TID Bank: 96 bits
• Reserved Bank: 64 bits
• User: 128 bits ( Bigger capacity than same type chip)
• Block write(1 word or 2 word)
• Block erase(1 word or 2 word)
• TID high efficiency reading

Company introduction

Shanghai Quanray Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest established RFID chip companies in China, with an international leading technology team. Quanray is always at the forefront of industry technology in RF circuits, micro-power circuits, RF antennas and software radio based reader technology.
Nanning Xingeshan Electronic Technology Co.is the industry’s leading R&D base for RFID composite tags. XGSun has a team of product engineers with 13 years of design experience, Young talents from automation, polymer organic compounds and engineering mechanics gather here. The team will customize RFID products of different sizes and processes according to the different application scenarios and customer needs of each tag.

In 2022 XGSun and Quanray became strategic partners and launched a number of new RFID tag designs based on the Qstar-7U chip. At a time of global chip shortage, the two leading RFID companies are ready to work together to create a robust and cost-effective RFID tag supply chain.
Chip Applications

Chips tailored for footwear and apparel applications
Quanray Electronic’s Qstar-7U series chips are built on 55nm technology on 12″ disks for better performance, smaller size, lower price and more stable availability. The Qstar-7U series of chips are even better in the apparel & retail sector.
Low-cost chips for more efficient logistics and warehousing
The Qstar-7U chip from Quanray Electronic offers superior read and write sensitivity in logistics and warehousing RFID applications.
Extremely cost effective – making logistics labels management smarter
With the rise of retail e-commerce logistics such as Jingdong and Walmart, the application of RFID logistics tags is a scale of 10 billions per year and is believed to soon step into the order of 100 billion. The Qstar-7U series chips have the world’s highest price/performance ratio, compact size and low price, which will be a good boost to the application of RFID tags in e-commerce logistics. Quanray & XGSun will continue to bring more cost-effective RFID products to our customers.
If you are interested in the Qstar-7U label, please contact with us and we will provide samples for you.

Post time: Jan-29-2023