What are the Applications of RFID Anti-metal Tags in the IoT?

With the rapid economic growth, smart manufacturing has become the core of the integration of information technology and traditional industries. Smart manufacturing requires the collection of data from industrial equipment, and then utilize and analysis of the data. However, in extreme application scenarios such as metal, ordinary RFID tags cannot be used, such as RFID signal detuning and reflection, poor reading range, phantom reading or no reading signal at all, which makes the data collection work faces a great challenge. In this situation,the flexible anti-metal tags was born.  It is an electronic label encapsulated by a special anti-magnetic wave absorbing material, which technically solves the problem that the ordinary electronic label cannot be attached to the irregular or curved metal.

RFID anti-metal tags  are flexible, bendable, not only have  the characteristics of high temperature resistance, stable performance, waterproof, acid, alkali and collision prevention, but also has the following 6 advantages:

1. RFID anti-metal tags reading does not need to be visually visible as a prerequisite, can be used in those bar code technology can not adapt to the harsh environment, such as high dust pollution, field, etc., and in the case of being covered still be able to penetrate paper, wood and plastic and other non-metallic or non-transparent materials, and can be penetrating communication.

2. It is suitable for frequency hopping mode of operation, with strong anti-interference ability.

3. Anti-metal tags do not need to be aimed at reading like barcode tags, as long as they are placed within the electromagnetic field formed by the reading device can be read accurately.

4. It can be read thousands of times per second, without the limitation and influence of the number of tags in the work area, for efficient and highly accurate reading.

5. The data is protected by a password so that it is not easy to be forged.

6. RFID anti-metal tags without batteries, memory can be repeatedly erased more than 10,000 times, the effective life of more than ten years, which makes it has a higher cost performance.

Here are some examples of the application of anti-metal labels:

1.It can be used for IT asset tracking, its smooth surface can fit into the exposed part of enterprise IT servers and equipment.

2. It is suitable for open-air power equipment inspection, tower pole inspection, elevator inspection, pressure vessel cylinder, various power and household equipment product tracking, asset management, logistics management and auto parts process management, etc.

3. It can be used to track recyclable transport items such as pallets, containers and tote bags.

4. It can be applied to warehouse management,can identify individual shelves and remote reading through the reader,, satisfying users' requirements about the visualization of traditional barcode systems.

XGSun can provide you with RFID anti-metal tags to solve the problem of RFID reading difficulty in metal and liquid environments.  We have rich experience in flexible anti-metal labels of different sizes and standards (such as American standard, European standard, etc.).  Compared to most of the counterparts, the tags have the advantages of stable performance, high cost performance and short delivery time. The label is compatible with EPC CIG2 and ISO 18000-6C standards, and can be installed on irregular planes or curved surfaces with flexible design. It support printing, writing codes and other personalized services.


Post time: Sep-09-2022