What is Smart Shopping Carts?

The smart shopping cart is a new type of supermarket shopping trolley. In appearance, it is very different from ordinary shopping carts. The smart shopping cart is equipped with a tablet PAD and self-service code scanning equipment. Retailers only need to input the product information in the RFID tags, and then post the label on the shelves, When customers push the smart cart through the shelves, they can clearly know the product information on the display. Consumers use the LCD display at the front of the cart, not only can inquire about the price of the goods to be purchased, relevant information and placement of the location, but also know what supermarkets launch specials. After shopping, they can complete settlement on the tablet PAD at any time and leave the supermarket.

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Implementation Functions of Smart Shopping Cart

Support for shopping navigation

If you don’t know which shelf the product you want is on, Bluetooth/light-sensing indoor positioning technology can help you find the item you need without having to consult the staff.

Integration of Membership Benefits

When you choose to use the supermarket’s smart shopping cart, you need to scan the code first to bind the user identity or direct facial recognition without login, so that you can share with the supermarket’s membership rights and interests, and you can participate in time when the supermarket has preferential activities.

Coupon Precision Recommendation

The cart screen can also provide specific product information to customers as they go, including displaying the latest product promotional prices. When you come to the snack area, the smart cart intelligently recommends snack coupons, and when you come to the beverage area, it intelligently recommends beverage coupons, which are available as soon as they are claimed.

Smart product verification

When you are shopping, you only need to scan the QR code of the goods and put them into the shopping cart. If you forget to scan the QR code, don’t worry, the shopping cart combined with AI, weight sensing and visual recognition technology will be intelligent verification of the commodity information, and timely reminder to you. This function can also be used for intelligent weighing of fresh goods, so you don’t have to take the goods to the weighing table anymore.

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Shared charging is set up in the same side of the tablet PAD where the belongings are placed, and cell phone charging is compatible with wireless and wired charging, which is convenient for users to charge during the shopping process.

Payment convenience

When you finish shopping, you can use the cart’s built-in barcode scanner to calculate the bill directly, and you can choose mobile payment, face payment, member payment and other payment methods. You can also print receipts by yourself without waiting for the cashier to scan one by one and avoid long queues to pay bills.

Post time: Oct-07-2023