Application of Car Windshield Tags in Smart Vehicle Management

RFID car windshield tag  is a smart tag based on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, which is often used in vehicle management systems and vehicle tracking systems. The RFID tag contains a chip and an antenna inside, which can read and write information through RFID, and has anti-counterfeiting and data security performance.

The application of RFID windshield tracking tags  is very extensive. The uniqueness of RFID car windshield tags, giving each vehicle a unique identity ID, and then establishes a database to associate the name, model, color, storage time and other information of each car with the corresponding ID number, store In the database, after the vehicle is identified by the RFID reading and writing equipment, the information stored in the RFID windshield tag will be collected.

On the one hand, it can be used for vehicle management system, by attaching RFID tags on the windshield of vehicles, it can realize the automatic identification and management of vehicles. When the vehicle enters a certain area, the system can automatically identify the vehicle information through RFID tags, and carry out real-time management and monitoring, such as recording the vehicle in and out of time, location, speed and other information. This kind of vehicle management system can be widely used in parking lots, highways, toll stations and other places to realize automatic vehicle identification and management, improve management efficiency and reduce labor costs.

 VSDB (1)

On the other hand, RFID automotive windshield tags  can also be used in vehicle tracking systems to achieve real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicles. By attaching RFID tags to the vehicle windshield, real-time positioning and tracking of vehicles can be realized, providing more accurate data support for fleet management, which can effectively improve the efficiency and safety of fleet management.

From ETC to electronic license plate, RFID technology has become more and more mature in the field of intelligent transportation applications in recent years. Among them, RFID tags are the most important carrier of information. At present, there are two main categories: tamper-evident ceramic electronic tags and fragile anti-transfer flexible electronic tags, has proved to be very successful in different application areas. Anti-transfer flexible electronic tags with low cost, easy to install and tamper-evident and other excellent characteristics gradually in the global intelligent transportation field plays an important role. In order to guarantee the security of traffic data, RFID technology supports data encryption and identity verification. Traffic data will be encrypted in the transmission process to ensure that the information will not be illegally accessed or tampered with. In addition, only authorized departments can access and manage these data, ensuring data confidentiality and integrity.

The vehicle windshield tags developed by XGSun are resistant to infrared and ultraviolet light with a read range of up to 10 meters. The label surface material is durable and waterproof, and can be printed on both sides to fix and change the content. When the label is attached to the windshield, the information can be seen both inside and outside the car. It can also have a tamper-proof and transfer-proof structure. If you try to remove it, the tag will not come off completely, so the tag will not be used on other vehicles. XGSun’s current top-selling anti-counterfeiting labels  come in two forms:

1. Face material with knife scratches, which breaks off the surface when you try to remove the label;

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Antenna fragile labels, which break off the antenna when you try to remove the label. These two types of labels prevent secondary use and are truly anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft and brand protection.

Post time: Aug-19-2023