What is UHF Headlight RFID Tag?

RFID technology is widely used in vehicle identification due to its real-time and accurate rapid identification of high-speed moving targets. UHF Headlight RFID Tags are becoming more and more popular in the market and will become the main means of traffic information collection and supervision in the future.

UHF vehicle RFID labels are predicated on passive UHF technology. The tag does not contain batteries and is maintenance-free. They are suitable for remote vehicle access applications where tags are permanently and tamper evidently affixed to the vehicle.

Nanning XGSun‘s UHF headlight tag is a transparent adhesive tag that can be quickly and directly mounted on the headlight of a vehicle. The thin and flexible UHF sticker format is straightforward to use and provides a tamper-proof automatic vehicle identification solution by attaching it to headlight.

The function is similar to the windshield tag, the difference is: the windshield tag will affect the beauty and sight, and may also be interfered by the explosion-proof film, while the electronic light label can well avoid the above adverse effects.

Headlight tags are suitable for vehicles with metallized windshields such as metallization which prevents reliable operation of tags and cards placed inside the vehicle.

RFID vehicle headlight tags provide a more accurate and secure way to allow access into various locations such as gated communities/apartments, offices, corporate secure parking lots and even car washes.

RFID vehicle tracking is particularly suited for unregistered vehicles and identifying trailers is an important part of the system. Vehicle RFID readers enable the system to identify vehicles from a distance, making for quicker scans and less downtime. Together with RFID selected batches, vehicles can be inspected on demand, and by using RFID vehicle tracking tags, the same vehicles can be checked again quickly.

Additionally, RFID tags for trucks, vans, and weighing operations help companies to quickly weigh a truck's full and empty tare weight to determine how much material has been loaded, which can help improve the efficiency of billing.

• Product Features:

As the headlight label is affixed to the outside of the headlight, it will be exposed to rain, dust, chemicals, etc. Our headlight label have a sturdy construction and high-quality materials that resist these elements providing consistent performance. Its label performance is stable, non-transferable, fragile, tamper evident, anti-counterfeiting, waterproof, UV-resistant, heat or temperature resistant and chemical resistant, and it will be destroyed when it is torn off, and cannot be reused.

• Application:

Vehicle electronic environmental protection information card, electronic toll collection of high speed way, self-service parking lot, vehicle free travel, vehicle congestion control guidance, vehicle speeding and other violation management, simple vehicle identification, vehicle annual inspection and traceability supervision.

If you are searching for a specific RFID vehicle tag but can't find it, please contact us and let us know what type of RFID vehicle tag you need, our technical salesman will respond quickly and be at your service!

Post time: Nov-24-2022